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Warring In The Spirit

This  class is designed for the Christian that must win every battle fought in the supernatural realm. In this training, the understanding of the supernatural realm and man's involvement and participation within this realm is provided with biblical foundation and and sharp, pointed scriptural references. 

Terms such as 'dual citizenship'                                                              are introduced defined and made relevant to                                                                   everyday living  as Christians.

This course is specifically                                                                        developed for acquiring, then applying                                                                          knowledge of warfare when engaging, fighting, and subduing spiritual adversaries regardless        of their rank in the supernatural world or their mission against you.

This course provides insight on the reasoning for war vs. supernatural beings, then lays out in detail the 'Best Practice' technique utilized by The Son of Man (Jesus) to defeat any opposition that is not of this world (Spiritual Enemies).

After concluding this course, the participant is equipped with the knowledge of the worlds for which man resides, and how to overcome any evil adversary within these worlds. 

Course Code: SWFPBI

Course Name: Warring in The Spirit

Course Length: 6 Hours 

Course Availability: scheduled open enrollment & private sessions available

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