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Selected For Ministry

So you've been called to the ministry! What should I do now?

Although each local worship assembly will have specific guidelines for their ministry personnel, there are areas of Christianity and commitment that we all share. This course provide guidance, insight, and practical knowledge for those aspiring to ministry, newly called into the ministry, or just have a desire to serve.

This training is developed for ministers, missionaries, evangelists, deacons, ushers, or anyone serving God's people in any and all areas.

This course covers:

The call

The life of one called

The message of the called

Commitment to your local worship assembly

After concluding this course, the participant will have a firm understanding of the call to serve and a firm foundation on which to build a ministry that touches and greatly impacts the world for Christ.

Course Code: C2SFPBI

Course Name: Selected For Ministry

Course Length: 4 Hours (local worship assembly customization available)

Course Availability: scheduled open enrollment & private sessions available

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